Golden Arrow Mine

Golden Arrow is a prime example for a short lived Nevada boom town. The discovery of gold in 1905 led to the formation of the Golden Arrow Mining Company in 1906. By 1907 several mining companies as well as individual mining claims were established and the camp included a hotel, a store and six saloons. But in 1908, only three years after the first discovery of gold, the boom fizzled and by 1909 the town was virtually deserted. Various efforts were made until the 1980's to resume mining but did not succeed. Today Golden Arrow is a ghost town, reduced to foundations and some remains on old mining equipment.


From Rachel turn left onto Hwy 375 north. Follow it for about 59 miles to the northern end. At the T-intersection with US-6 in Warm Springs turn left onto US-6. After 12.5 miles turn left onto a well maintained dirt road. After 10 miles turn left onto a secondary dirt road. After 3 miles arrive at Golden Arrow on the right. The last 3 miles may require high clearance.

GPS Coordinates

Rachel  N 37° 38.801'  W115° 44.760'
Warm Springs  N38° 11.447'  W116° 22.218'
Turn off Hwy 6  N38° 8.979'  W116° 34.779'
Turn left  N38° 0.963'  W116° 38.945'
Golden Arrow  N38° 0.098'  W116° 36.106'

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