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The Storm Area 51 event has gone through a number of changes and there is some confusion in the media. Since it affects our community and people visiting here we would like to present you with the facts as they are known at this time. We hope it helps sort things out.

What started as a viral facebook post to Storm Area 51 later morphed into two events: Alienstock in Rachel, NV and the Storm Area 51 Basecamp event at the Alien Research Center in Hiko, NV. The Hiko folks hired a professional event planner and they have the infrastructure ready for the event. Including a replica of the Area 51 back gate for visitors to "storm". That event expects a total of 5,000 visitors over the weekend. We understand that the event is going well and visitors are having a good time there.

The Rachel event was organized by Matty Roberts, the creator of the viral facebook post and by event organizer Frank DiMaggio. They expected a crowd of up to 50,000 for the event. A large group of Rachel residents was opposed to the event, mostly concerned about the safety of visitors and local residents. Their concerns were amplified by the lack of communication from the Little A'Le'Inn, the local bar involved in organizing the event in Rachel. A full list of their concerns, voiced at the Lincoln County Commissioners Meeting on August 19, 2019 can be found here.

On Monday, September 9, 2019 Roberts and DiMaggio cancelled the Rachel Alienstock event. They cited concerns similar to those of the Rachel residents: Security for the visitors, lack of transparency on the side of the Little A'Le'Inn and the lack of infrastructure in Rachel. Instead they decided to support the Area 51 Celebration in downtown Las Vegas where the needed infrastructure already exists.

On Thursday Sep 12 the creator of the Alienstock event sent a cease and desist letter to the Little A'Le'Inn to stop the Rachel event altogether. The Inn ignored the order and put on a much smaller event regardless.

So far the Rachel event attracted about 2,000 visitors to a less than organized event site. It is essentially a dusty dirt lot with occasional music from a makeshift stage and a couple of food vendors. There is very little infrastructure but most visitors seem to have come prepared. As of Saturday afternoon no major incidents have been reported. Many of the visitors chose to camp on surrounding public land instead of paying for a camp site. Visitors should be prepared to be completely self contained for food, water, gas and a place to sleep. There are no services in Rachel besides the local bar.

There is growing concern among Rachel residents about how much this event is going to cost the county, and ultimately the local residents. EMT, rescue units, overtime for local law enforcement and cost for calling in various departments and agencies from out of state will add up to easily a six-figure amount. On top of that is cost for equipment, meals for first responders etc. The only business in Rachel that profits (and profits very well!) from the event, the Little A'Le'Inn, is not paying the bill so the local residents are left to pick it up.

If you choose to visit this weekend stay away from the residential part of Rachel. Local land owners will step up to protect their property. The nearby military installation will be guarded by Air Force security and by various local and federal law enforcement agencies. In order to keep curious visitors out of trouble law enforcement will block all access roads leading to the perimeter of the military base. Anyone trespassing in the restricted zone around Area 51 will be arrested. Do not go near the border, and absolutely do not cross the line. Along all major dirt roads the border is marked with clear warning signs. In other areas orange posts mark the border. There is no fence. See our Maps section for maps of the area.

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